Indie Watch: Trailer for The Devil’s Offspring


Looking for the seeds of God gets you in trouble

In a video store in hell, there is a golden shelf reserved for every film with a title beginning in “The Devil’s.” The Devil’s Rejects sits on this shelf. So does The Devil’s Advocate and, yes, even The Devil’s Own with Harrison Ford.

Now you can add The Devil’s Offspring, an Italian feature by director G. Giacomelli and L. Giovenga. The duo say they were inspired by ’70s horror fare that favors plot over gross-out gore gags.

The story concerns Emiliano Saudado, a writer who goes to a small village in the Italian central region Marche, to collect information about some events which will form the content of his next book, an essay about popular legends. The young man looks for some details about the legend of the “Seeds of God” but he only finds hostility and silence from the villagers. He will discover a terrible truth realizing that behind any legend there is always a root of reality.

Check out the trailer…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor