Pics from Edgar Allan Poe Short Annabel Lee


From Staci Layne Wilson

One of Shock’s horror colleagues, Staci Layne Wilson, has a ton of credits to her name. She’s penned books. She’s the hostess of a new web series (This Week in Horror). Plus, her journalistic cred reaches back before my time. It’s about time she cut her teeth on the director’s chair, right? You bet. Wilson recently completed a short film called The Key to Annabel Lee, based on the work by Edgar Allan Poe. An official site for this endeavor goes live tomorrow and we’ve got a sneak peek via three images below.

Narrating and starring in the films (four shorts, in all — best-described as a cinematic form of installation art) is Nivek Ogre (Repo! The Genetic Opera), famous as the lead singer of the industrial rock band, Skinny Puppy. Diane Ayala Goldner (Feast) appears as a wolf-like seducer in two installments of the experimental film, but the star of the show, as in the Edgar Allan Poe poem, is Annabel Lee herself. She is the triptych of the tale, representing a notion along the lines of The Three Faces of Eve. These are: Cherilyn Wilson (Parasmonia), Corrie Shenigo (After You), and Staci Layne Wilson (The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited). For Annabel 1’s montage, think of the sweet, sexy strangeness of the heroine in Jodorowsky’s Fando y Lis, with a little Lolita twist. Annabel 2, is a woman in full and as Keats said, she is “Half in love with easeful death.” Annabel 3 is still an enigma at this point. Wilson says she will see what Annabel 3 decides to be, in editing. Inspirations include the three-piece Poe anthology film, Spirits of the Dead (1968), as well as the works of Lewis Carroll and Helmut Newton.

The Key To Annabel Lee will be shown on July 17, 2011 at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Viscera Festival. To keep updated, visit

Source: Shock Till You Drop, Photo Credit: Annette Slomka, Staci Layne Wilson