It’s Just Talk: Who Might Be Abraham Lincoln?


Hulk apparently interested in part

News lately has been fixated on “who is circling a film” rather than “who has been CAST in a film,” so for stories like this, we’re kicking off “It’s Just Talk.” Because it’s interesting to see the potential players who might be circling a film, but until their deal is legit, it’s all just talk or speculation.

So, we come to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which is now nearing a start date with Timur Bekmambetov.

The Wrap is saying that Eric Bana of The Hulk is circling the role as Lincoln. But our Fox reps say that all that’s happening right now is that Bekmambetov is going to meet with the actor.

I always figured that there were two great actors living today that could play Lincoln: Liam Neeson and Daniel Day-Lewis. The latter was snatched up by Steven Spielberg for a Lincoln biopic, so that leaves Neeson available. Bana is…an interesting choice.

We’ll see if he gets locked in.

Source: The Wrap