Exclusive Video Interviews: Season of the Witch


Shock talks to Cage, Perlman & more!

Teaming Nicolas Cage with director Dominic Sena for the first time since 2000’s Gone in Sixty Seconds, Season of the Witch blends horror and action in 14th century Europe.

Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman star as Behmen and Felson, two skilled knights who, after a lifetime of devotion to the church, have gone rogue, upset by the morality of some of their recent orders. Hunted down by their fellow warriors, the knights are reluctantly forced to undergo a new mission: deliver a young girl (Claire Foy) to a far-off monastery where she can be exorcised as a witch. Their journey takes them across a land left in ruin to the bubonic plague and, for Behmen, to a decision about protecting the girl or turning her over to her fate.

ShockTillYouDrop traveled to London to talk with Cage, Foy, Perlman and Robert Sheehan (who plays a young knight who joins the travelers) to talk about some of the film’s pulp horror inspirations and filming on-location at some allegedly haunted European sites.

Source: Shock Till You Drop