Undertaking Film Calling on Horror Fans to Get Involved


You make the calls…

The interactive movie making experience called The Undertaking launched last week on Facebook with a question for fans: “What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?” You make the calls.

Almost 12,000 new fans submitted 517 entries over 6 days – some that would have surely sent a shiver down the spine of the most hardened followers of the Horror genre.

Last week’s competition kicked off a 18-month interactive movie making experience that will see fans from around the world collaborate with the movie makers in the production of the film itself. A fanbase will make their choices known via a digital community that will put them in the driver’s seat with real voting power.

The project’s executive producer Miss Chrissy Lim said, “we’ve been hugely encouraged by the response to our ‘Scariest Thing’ competition. It’s great to see people so interested in becoming involved from the get-go. Fans have been so eager to share some truly frightening experiences. These are real happenings. Hauntingly real because it really doesn’t take much to imagine them happening to you.”

The Undertaking movie project will give its fans a first time and very rare opportunity to get involved in the production of an international feature film from the financing right through to shooting or even being in the cast and crew. It is a refreshing open-source movie-making model with an added twist – you’re going to have the living daylights terrified out of you every step of the way.

For now the message from the film’s promoters – Arcade – is “watch this space.” The competition is the first of a wave of interactive experiences that are set to refine the Horror genre. To get involved just go to The Undertaking’s Facebook page and become a Fan. That is, if you dare.

Source: Shock Till You Drop