Silver: What Changes Were Made to Splice?


After it was acquired by Warner Bros.

For a film like Splice to be acquired by a major studio is unusual. And you’ll see what I mean when the film opens on June 4. Pushing buttons and taking the creature feature into surreal territory, Vincenzo Natali’s film divided Sundance audiences; it found a champion in producer Joel Silver, however.

When Splice was picked by Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment, Natali told the press he was going back into the editing room to work on the film some more.

“It was minimal stuff,” Silver clarified over the weekend at a press junket. “He had finished the movie quickly to get it ready for the festival and he wanted to finish some stuff and finish it properly. We made a few changes and it’s indistinguishable from what was shown at Sundance. It’s a little shorter and we tweaked a few things.”

Silver asserts nothing was changed for the MPAA and that an R rating was quickly given. Stay tuned for more coverage next week!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor