Film School Confidential Enters City of the Living Dead


Toronto, puke your guts out…literally!

As part of Fangoria editor-in-chief Chris Alexander’s ongoing Film School Confidential! screening/lecture series at Toronto’s Bloor Cinema, Alexander and Vagrancy Films are rewarding loyal FSC students with an uncut 35mm print of Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead.

Film School Confidential! is proud to present this magnum opus of shock, a wild, smarmy and delicious 35mm experience. As usual, Alexander will provide a pre-screening, in-depth lecture, this time about Fulci and City‘s importance as both a piece of his puzzle and a piece of horror history. And then…let the drills whir and the spleens spill. It’s time to open the gates of hell…

The event begins at 9:30pm sharp. Tickets are eight bucks for members, ten bones for non-members. For more: Click here!

Source: Press Release