Mulcahy Talks Teen Wolf, Highlander Remakes


What’s he think of a new Shadow?

Over the weekend, Shock Till You Drop held a midnight screening of the 1984 nature-run-amok film Razorback. Director Russell Mulcahy dropped in for a Q&A fresh off his latest project:

“I just shot the pilot for Teen Wolf,” Mulcahy confirmed to the audience. “The funny thing is, the full cycle is like I got Razorback because of an MTV music video. When I did videos I did ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ which opened MTV. Now I’m doing the pilot for Teen Wolf for MTV and my good friend Jeff Davis, the writer and creator of Teen Wolf. We went down to Atlanta, froze our balls off. Cameras broke down. Camera trucks caught on fire. It was a ball.”

Teen Wolf is an update on the ’85 film with Michael J. Fox. Tyler Posey is the high school student afflicted with lycanthropy this time and it looks like, tonally, the series is going in a different direction than Fox’s comedy.

Mulcahy also spoke briefly about the forthcoming Highlander and The Shadow remakes. “I hear there’s a remake which is fabulous. I made a huge mistake by doing Highlander II, man,” he laughed. “I lost my agent over that one, or he lost me. The thing about Highlander is that it was a made as a film with a beginning and an end. He became mortal. It was never designed to be sequelized. So all of the sequels are so contrived, but I hear the new Highlander is a fresh take on the original idea which is fine and great. I’m all for that.” As for the new version of The Shadow with Sam Raimi possibly at the helm? “Great, I think they’ll do a better job.”

With Teen Wolf in the can, Mulcahy is returning to Australia for the 3D film Bait about “sharks in a supermarket.” In the film victims are trapped inside a flooded underground supermarket with a pack of tiger sharks. Mulcahy is excited about the prospect of shooting in 3D.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor