Fever Dreams Presents Late Fee; A New Horror Anthology


Premiering in NY and on DVD this October

Media Blasters, Inc. and Shriek Show are proud to announce the release of Late Fee, the new Fever Dreams produced horror feature film in the tradition of Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt and The Twilight Zone. The film receives its world premiere on October 1st in New York City and hits DVD shelves everywhere on October 27th, just in time for Halloween.

Late Fee stars J.D. Brown (Wicked Lake), Stephanie Danielson, Georgia Kate Haege, Chris Cusano, Kerri Miller, and Sergio Jones (Flesh For The Beast, Shadow: Dead Riot). Coproduced, written and directed by John Carchietta and Carl Morano. Victor Bonacore is Associate Producer with music by Electric Frankenstein, Ken Jacobsen, Pornosonic, ScreamerClauz and Serpent Throne.

Late Fee will receive its world premiere on October 1st in New York City at the Kraine Theater (85 E. 4th Street, Bowery & 2nd Ave.) for two nights only. October 1-2 with an 8:00pm showtime both nights. Tickets will be available at the Kraine Theater box office.

A special Late Fee event will take place on October 2nd at the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the 8th Annual NEX Customer Appreciation Weekend. Affectionately known as GITMO, the film will screen on the massive 3,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre with its state-of-the art sound system. Late Fee starlets Stephanie Danielson and Georgia Kate Haege will be in attendance and present the film.

Late Fee will also have several special screenings at the prestigious Chiller Theatre Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey, October 30th thru November 1st. The film’s cast and will appear and participate in a panel discussion.

Fever Dreams other feature credits include – Flesh For The Beast, Shadow: Dead Riot, The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, Death Trance and Wicked Lake. Below you’ll find the official synopsis, one-sheet poster and a pair of exclusive images!

Synopsis: It’s Halloween eve and a young couple- a boy (J.D. Brown) and girl (Stephanie Danielson) are desperate for something to do. They find an out of the way DVD store just as it’s closing for a private party.

They beg the proprietor (Rick Poli) to let them rent some DVDs and ask for the ‘scariest’ movies in the store. The storeowner reluctantly rents them his two most prized horror DVDs on the strict condition that they return them before midnight or pay the severe late fee. The couple leaves as the owner locks up the store to join his masked guests in the Halloween festivities.

The planned quiet evening at home turns out to be not so quiet with interruptions by trick-ortreaters and ultimately a surprise visit from the DVD store owner and his creepy costumed entourage! It’s passed midnight and the couple forgot to return the DVDs! Halloween turns into a real nightmare when they realize that the late fee must be paid for in blood!

Source: Fever Dreams