Murder By Decree Comes To DVD December 15th


The Bob Clark-directed Holmes, Ripper classic

Lionsgate will re-release Bob Clark’s Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper cult classic Murder By Decree on DVD December 15th, no doubt to conveniently coincide with Guy Ritchie’s big budget Sherlock Holmes feature starring Robert Downey Jr. We say re-release because Anchor Bay Entertainment has had a DVD version of Murder By Decree in circulation since early 2003.

Hailed as an “intelligent, gripping and totally irresistible” Sherlock Holmes mystery, Murder By Decree stars Emmy® winner Christopher Plummer, three-time Academy Award® nominee James Mason and Emmy® winner Donald Sutherland. The film follows renowned detective Sherlock Holmes on his quest to capture his deadliest adversary yet, Jack the Ripper.

The DVD includes an audio commentary (also carted over from the previous edition) with the late Bob Clark, most well known for A Christmas Story and Porky’s, but also well regarded by genre fans for Black Christmas and Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. The DVD will be available on December 15th for a suggested retail price of $14.98.

Synopsis: When Scotland Yard is unable to stop the gruesome rampage of Jack the Ripper, a citizens committee asks Sherlock Holmes and his trusted associate Dr. Watson to investigate. Now the brilliant pair must follow a terrifying trail of clues that includes a frightened psychic, a suspicious Inspector, an institutionalized woman and the Prime Minister of England. But even if Holmes and Watson’s remarkable powers of deduction can unmask the maniacal fiend, are they prepared to face the most shocking secret of all?

Source: Lionsgate