Danielle Harris & Tiffany Shepis Come Together in Godkiller Poster


Limited edition artwork from Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley

Halo-8 Entertainment have released a new limited edition poster by acclaimed comic book artist Tim Seeley for their upcoming dark animated series Godkiller, written and directed by Matt Pizzolo and based upon his original graphic novel. Seeley is of course known by comic fans as the creator of Hack/Slash and also the artist on the Halloween: Nightdance comics.

Godkiller takes place in a dark-future after economic collapse, after nuclear holy war, and after Earth is colonized by alien races. Tommy and his kid sister Lucy live in an orphanage in one of the few remaining city-states, but Lucy is critically ill and desperately in need of a new heart. Tommy’s odyssey to find a new heart for his sister begins when he follows an organ-stealing prostitute named Halfpipe out of the city-state and into the savage borderland known as Outer City. Godkiller mixes unforgiving brutality, quantum physics, conspiracy theory, and secret history for an iconoclastic hero’s journey like none before it.

It features the voice talents of genre veterans Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, the upcoming webseries Fear Clinic), Tiffany Shepis (Night Of The Demons), Bill Moseley (2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys) and Lance Henriksen.

In celebration of the October 6th DVD release of Godkiller Episode 1, Tim Seeley illustrated a limited-edition poster of Godkiller‘s lovable organ-stealing duo Halfpipe (Harris) and Angel**** (Shepis). (Pictured below)

About the Godkiller: Walk Among Us DVD series:

Godkiller‘s innovative release schedule that brings the episodic nature of comic books to DVD will roll out as follows:

October 6th 2009: EPISODE 1 limited edition, shortform DVD

November 24th 2009: EPISODE 2 limited edition, shortform DVD

January 26th 2010: Day & Date – THEATRICAL PREMIERE of full feature, EPISODE 3 limited edition, shortform DVD

March 30th 2010: FULL FEATURE DVD & BLU-RAY

You can pre-order it on Amazon right here.

Source: Halo-8 Entertainment