Mother’s Day To Be a Departure for Bousman


Compared to Natural Born Killers and Straw Dogs spent a couples hour earlier at Amber on Yorkville in Toronto for a special patio cocktail mixer for director Darren Bousman’s Mother’s Day, which is inspired by Charles Kaufman’s 1980 b-movie exploitation flick without necessarily being a remake. They’re four days into shooting the movie in Winnipeg, but they flew Darren and most of the cast to Toronto to get the word out on the independently-produced flick about a murderous family who return to their old home and terrorize the current inhabitants.

We talked with Bousman a bit during the party and one thing he wanted to stress was how different this movie was going to be from his previous four films (“Saw” II through IV and Repo: The Genetic Opera), describing the movie to be something more like Oliver Stone’s “Natural Born Killers” or Peckinpah’s “Straw Dogs,” AND saying that while there are a lot of kills, he’s going less stylized this time around and making the violence more naturalistic.

They’ll continue shooting the film through late October and as excited as Bousman is about what he’s already shot, we can hope that he’ll be ready to show some of that footage once he gets back to L.A. (You can follow progress on his Twitter feed–if he hits 5,000 followers, maybe he’ll post some pics!)

Source: Edward Douglas