Indie Horror Corner Roundup


Live Evil, Officer Rollins and more

• Award-winning video director Nathan Cox currently has a short film up in competition as part of the The Doorpost Film Project titled The Resurrection of Officer Rollins. Genre fans should take note – the 20-minute zombie themed short features Derek Mears, the most recent actor to don the infamous hockey mask of Jason Voorhees in Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th reboot, as well as Rodney Eastman, Joey from Nightmare on Elm Street parts 3 and 4. You’ll have to register and log in on the Door Post website, but it’s free and definitely worth checking out.

• You can catch actress Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, the upcoming Zone of the Dead) in a new short & long form teaser trailer/pitch film for a horror movie called The Gatekeeper, which was recently shot in Berlin. Like most pitch films, the short directed by Dominic Mueller from a script by Andreas Knop is meant to show the tone of what the full length feature will be like. It also stars Andrea Lui, Marvin Gronen, Daniel Roesner & Reiner Schoene as the title character. Visit

• Below’s a new teaser one-sheet poster for the indie vampire flick Live Evil, written and directed by Jay Woelfel and starring genre vets Tim Thomerson (Trancers), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons). It also stars Mark Hengst, Osa Wallander, (director) Jeff Burr and Lee Perkins. The latest teaser trailer is also embedded below:

•Filmmaker Steven Shea (Voodoo for Hoodoo, The Night Owl) just wrapped shooting a short film entitled 2:22 with his production company Abyssmal Entertainment. After a night on the town, carefree Vickie Palmer (played by newcomer Tara Lightfoot) awakens to discover that her whole world has changed forever. Check out the teaser trailer and poster for the short below:

2:22 Short Film – Trailer from Abyssmal Entertainment on Vimeo.

Source: Robert Galluzzo