Shock Video: Interviews With the Whiteout Cast


Beckinsale, O’Loughlin and Macht…

Kate Beckinsale, Alex O’Loughlin and Gabriel Macht came in from the cold to talk with’s Jeff Rago about Whiteout (set visit), the latest production from Joel Silver’s genre house Dark Castle.

Based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka, and directed by Dominic Sena, the film finds Beckinsale playing Carrie Stetko, a lone U.S. Marshal assigned to Antarctica, investigating the continent’s first murder, which draws her into a shocking mystery. Now, with only three days until winter, Carrie must solve the crime before Antarctica is plunged into darkness and she is stranded with the killer.

Whiteout opens on September 11.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor