Halo-8 Walks With a Xombie


Big plans for animated series

Halo-8 Entertainment has secured worldwide distribution rights to XOMBIE: The Animated Series by James Farr, an animated zombie adventure which developed a massive online following with webisodes downloaded over 13 million times.

Halo-8 has slated the project for a limited theatrical release in early 2009, followed soon after by release on DVD.

“As the first sentient zombie in an animated series, Xombie provides a completely new twist to the horror genre, which is why it has resonated so well with the fans,” said John Frank Rosenblum, XOMBIE’s Executive Producer. “Halo-8, a distributor with a true love for horror, is the perfect partner for expanding this unique property into a whole new market.”

Xombie is the story of Dirge, a dead man with a mind of his own, who struggles against his posthumous cravings (not to mention legions of the living dead) to reunite a lost child with her family.

Halo-8 will work with Xombie, Inc. on additional Xombie animated media to follow, joining a slate of animated features in development at Halo-8 including in-house adaptations of Halo-8 comic books Godkiller and How I Lost My Virginity – by Alexandra Jones.

XOMBIE has previously been adapted into a comic book and graphic novel by Devil’s Due Publishing, as well as a self-published illustrated novel.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com