Rock ‘n Roll Vamps are Headliners in Suck


With cameos from Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and more

Rob Stefaniuk is about to embark on a new vampire comedy entitled Suck. Cameras roll on November 24th for the Toronto-based production house Capri Films.

Joining Stefaniuk in the ensemble cast are veteran actor Malcolm McDowell, Jessica Paré and comic Dave Foley along with a host of top-line musical performers: Iggy Pop, Moby, Alice Cooper and Canadian New Wave pioneer Carol Pope.

According to Screen Daily, the film is a Faustian tale of a rock n’ roll band who will do anything to achieve fame, the film is produced by Robin Crumley, Jeff Rogers and Victoria Hirst. Capri founder Gabriella Martinelli is executive producing alongside Brad Peyton, Terry Markus, Tim Brown and former ThinkFilm president Jeff Sackman.

Source: Screen Daily