AFM ’08: Poster, Stills from France’s Vampire Party


Also known as Teeth of the Night

Over the summer we told you about a new French horror-comedy known as Les Dents de la Nuit, or, “The Teeth of the Night.” Here in the States it’s being sold as Vampire Party, a rather on-the-nose moniker, and we’ve picked up a few stills and early art from the American Film Market.

Described as a mix of Dance of the Vampires, Scary Movie and Shaun of the Dead, the story revolves around a group of friends ready to do anything to attend the most prestigious, secretive and exclusive party of the year taking place in a sumptuous and isolate castle. As they try anything to get in, they don’t know that the bloody line continues behind the velvet ropes…

They do manage to get into the party, and this is going to be an unforgettable night. Because the party is in fact a vampire gathering, and they are the buffet! Needless to say there will be a lot of necking.

Happily for them, those vampires are not as sharp as their teeth. Still, the little group will have to fight from dusk ’til dawn to get out alive.

You’ll find a trio of teaser trailers here.

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