AFM ’08: Winston’s Speed Demon Lives On


A new creature feature from Arclight

One project Stan Winston was developing before he passed on earlier this year was Speed Demon, a creature feature he was set to co-produce with Mike Gabrawy and Kim Winther. Peter Winther is attached to direct.

Arclight Films hopes to carry on Winston’s vision and in their American Film Market promo booklet the company has whipped up some artwork (left) and an official synopsis:

When Tony flees to Arizona after stealing diamonds from the mob, hitman Parker abducts his girlfriend Reno and forces her to lead him to his mark.

Reno’s convinced Parker intends to dispose of her along with Tony once she’s served her purpose, but when they follow Tony’s trail down a deserted desert highway after dark, she realizes Parker is the least of her troubles.

There’s something out there, neither human nor animal, and if Reno and Parker are going to survive it, they’re going to have to rely on one another. It’s something big, something hungry, and something very, very fast.

Arclight also provides creature conceptual art. We’ll give you a look at that soon.

Source: Arclight Films