Mancini’s Kill-Switch Lives On


His thriller series for Sci-Fi

In April, Don Mancini (Child’s Play) announced a new project, Kill-Switch, a weekly television series following a woman with the ability to hop into the bodies of those about to be killed. It will be his first non-Chucky related project to reach the screen since penning an episode of Tales from the Crypt in 1990.

“This has been the longest deal-making process that I’ve experience in my career partly because I originally developed the show at ABC a couple of years ago and they put it into turnaround,” Mancini explains, catching us up on Kill-Switch‘s progress. “The script crossed Howie Mandel and he’s becoming a powerhouse television producer. He’s my fellow executive producer and we’ve got it set up at the Sci-Fi Channel. The deals are just about finally closed. It’s really complicated. There are so many moving parts because of the deal at ABC, but there are two different studios – NBC/Universal and a Canadian company called Blueprint which is an important component because we want to shoot the show in Canada.”

The WGA strike had an impact on the series but “very soon I hope to be back at work on a draft of the pilot script and, fingers crossed, shooting the pilot for Sci-Fi.” Mancini, along with producer David Kirschner, is also developing a Child’s Play remake for 2010.