A Pair of True Blood Docs on the Way


‘Cause you can never know too much about vampires

Beginning September 6th, HBO will air True Bloodlines: Vampire Legends and True Bloodlines: A New Type. Obviously this is to generate a modicum of extra hype for Alan Ball’s new bloodsucker series True Blood.

Bloodlines explores the myths, legends, books and early films surrounding vampires whereas A New Type takes its cue from the show and delves into lifestyles of the fanged and bloodthirsty in society and pop culture today. Oddly enough, the docs echo a similar interviewee lineup as Starz’s Bloodsucking Cinema (details) with directors Joel Schumacher and Len Wiseman weighing in.

Also look for Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris, James V. Hart, Bela Lugosi Jr., L.A. Banks, Michelle Belanger, David J. Skal, Tony Timpone and more.

Both docs air on September 6th then encore the following day before True Blood sinks its teeth into your television (check your local listings, damn it!). For more info on the series, read our exclusive interview with Ball right here!

Source: HBO.com