EXCL: Platinum Dunes Eyeing Rosemary’s Baby Remake


An update of Polanski’s ’68 film

Ira Levin’s 1967 horror novel Rosemary’s Baby is going to be born again on the big screen.

Shock was tipped off this weekend, and we were later able to confirm, Platinum Dunes is in talks with Paramount to update Roman Polanski’s film starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Sidney Blackmer and Ruth Gordon. Industry sources tell us the Dunes team – producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form – are currently looking for a writer (or writers) to tackle the material.

First adapted in ’68, Rosemary’s Baby concerns a young couple – Guy and Rosemary (Cassavetes and Farrow, respectively) – living in Manhattan. Shortly after settling into their new apartment, Rosemary becomes pregnant and slowly falls very ill. Paranoia and suspicion of witchcraft at work ensues.

Dunes is currently developing new films in the Friday the 13th (location scouting has begun!) and “Nightmare on Elm Street” (details) franchises.

Source: Ryan Rotten