Brit Horror Flick Trailer and Clips!


Rock ‘n roll is here to stay

Here’s a movie boasting the three R’s: Rock. Rotting. Revenge. Not a bad mash-up.

Writer-director David Howard’s Flick first raced onto our radar late last year during the American Film Market. A website was established at that time and was nothing more than a tease. Since then, Flick‘s place on the web received a tune-up and now boasts three clips and a trailer. Head on over to this spot now.

Faye Dunaway (!) plays a Memphis cop Lieutenant McKenzie called in to investigate a series of strange deaths and wierd sightings following the resurrection of a murder victim from the 1950s (a local boy) who is brought back to life in modern times and tries to find his teenage sweetheart who is now aged 62 and also to seek revenge for his death.

Source: Official site