Director of Time Crimes Considering Zombie Pic


And he wants it wicked bloody

Picking up where we left off here, Time Crimes director Nacho Vigalondo revealed to us during our interview that he’d love to contribute to the zombie genre.

“I’ve got ideas for a story,” he says. “But that’s the problem with my ideas, they have this childish element with an adult turn, so who knows if people are going to like it? If I do a zombie movie, it’s got to be the goriest film. I need blood in my zombie film! All the blood that’s not in ‘Timecrimes’ has to be in my next one.”

In regards to atmosphere, he adds No Country for Old Men would be the biggest influence on his undead opus. As of right now, however, he doesn’t know which project he’s going to work on next.

Source: Ryan Rotten