SFF ’08: Time Crimes Director on U.S. Remake


And what is he working on now?

Over the weekend, United Artists announced it will be developing a remake of Nacho Vigalondo’s clever feature film debut Time Crimes (full story here). “I didn’t think anyone would want to do a remake of my film, so it’s very flattering,” Vigalondo tells Shock at the Sundance Film Festival a day after the big news. “I was really shocked when I heard about it. The people involved with the remake are really huge. Steve Zaillian? I’m a fan of his work, but it’s not the kind of writer you attach to a film like this and I’m really curious to see what they want to do with it.”

Zaillian (American Gangster), according to the Hollywood trades, is producing the remake with an eye to outline the script himself. He’ll hand off writing duties to someone else. Vigalondo will not be involved. “I really feel I should move in another direction and I want to enjoy this situation. I really want, to be honest, to see a better [‘Time Crimes’] from them because this is my first movie. I don’t want my first to be ‘the perfect film’ – if they do a better movie, it would be amazing.”

Vigalondo sells himself short. Not only is Time Crimes a tight mystery about the perils of time travel, but it hints at a very bright future for the obviously talented Vigalondo. Nothing is set in stone for his next project (he’s mulling over a move to L.A.) but he tells us, “I have a story called ‘The Ramp’ about a guy trying to jump into a UFO with a car. It’s a cheap version of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,'” he laughs. “It’s an indie film with a UFO, it could be really funny.”

Source: Ryan Rotten