Shock Video: Jess Weixler & John Hensley Talk Teeth


Mitchell Lichtenstein’s film opens this Friday

Nine in the morning, on any given day, is a bit early to talk about vagina. Still, actors John Hensley (“Nip/Tuck”) and Jess Weixler bit into the subject matter with candor when we caught up to them at the start of a recent work day.

Unsurprising. They’re the stars of Mitchell Lichtenstein’s Teeth, Roadside Attractions’ new film opening February 18th – nearly a year after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in ’07. In it, Weixler plays a high school student who comes to discover she is the embodiment of the vagina dentata myth.

Shock sat down exclusively with the stars to discuss the delicate balance between playing the film’s material straight or comedic and to learn more about their character’s dynamic.


Source: Ryan Rotten