Lodger Attracts More Players


Hitchcock remake just got a lot more complicated

Riding on the coattails of yesterday’s announcement, Ion Cinema says Shane West (The Stone House), Phillip Baker Hall (The Amityville Horror remake), Rebecca Pidgeon (Edmond), Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Mel Harris are co-starring in Sony Stage 6’s The Lodger remake.

Written and directed by David Ondaatje, the update of Hitchcock’s 1927 thriller, according to Ion, is split into two concurrent plots.

West will be featured in the storyline involving a detective named Chandler Manning who is engaged in a complex cat-and-mouse game with a maniacal killer who begins emulating the 100-year old murders of Jack The Ripper along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Alfred Molina plays Manning and West is playing the role of Manning’s rookie partner, Street Wilkenson.

Baker will be joining the storyline that features Hope Davis. She plays Ellen Bunting and a handsome stranger, Malcolm Sleight (Baker), who appears one day and rents her guesthouse in West Hollywood.

Shooting has begun in Los Angeles.

Source: Ion Cinema