Teeth, Midnight Meat Train Release Date Updates


Former still opening in early-’08

ShockTillYouDrop.com returned from an evening screening of the pitch black horror-comedy Teeth (fellas, try feeling good about dipping your wick into anything after this film) where a PR rep informed us Mitchell Lichtenstein’s film is still on track for a first quarter release in 2008. Previous reports elsewhere stated Roadside Attractions had bumped the film to the fourth quarter. Not true, says our source – “Teeth” is opening by the end of the winter (February or March). We will alert you to any changes.

Also, Lionsgate has set a date for Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train. Ryuhei Kitamura’s adaptation will be pulling into theaters on May 16, 2008! Bradley Cooper stars as an inquisitive photographer who comes across Mahogany (Vinnie Jones), a butcher who uses the subway system as his killing floor. But who is he killing for and where is he delivering the meat of his victims?

Source: Roadside Attractions, Lionsgate