The Cult Horror Cast of Outsiders


Driller Killer remake still on the slab

It may not be horror, but here’s a film worth keeping an eye on for its cult status starpower. The title is The Beautiful Outsiders – written and directed by a young up-and-comer from the UK named Andrew Jones – a crime drama starring The Last House on the Left‘s David Hess and Martin Kove, Doug Bradley (Pinhead!) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Gates of Hell, The Omen remake) who last appeared alongside Hess in the exploitation goodie House on the Edge of the Park (pictured).

The plot goes like this: After six years, 29 year old former drug addict Jason Starkweather is released from prison. Placed in a halfway house and in a dead end job he struggles to suppress the urge to return to heroin. His ex-girlfriend Sarah Fugate works in a brothel to pay her way through university while living with an abusive older man. Desperate to make up for his past mistakes, Jason tracks Sarah down. A shocking incident reunites the couple and they go on the run, fleeing the authorities while rekindling their love for one another. After a number of incidents on the road, including betrayal by a friend of Jason’s, the couple take sanctuary in the house of affluent Richard and his daughter Shannon. Eventually the unlikely foursome are brought together by the shared pain of their pasts and forge a genuine bond as the police close in.

According to what appears to be a press release sent to Twitch Film, Jones, once completed with “Outsiders,” will next move on to a remake of Abel Ferrara’s 1979 horror film Driller Killer.

Source: Twitch Film