Clive Barker’s Mister B. Gone “Trailer”


“Burn this book” received the following e-mail last evening:

Do not play or post this video. I can’t explain why. We don’t have time. Believe me, friend, you’ll regret the consequences. It’s for your own good.

A little runt of a video like this isn’t worth risking MADNESS and ETERNAL DAMNATION over, is it? No, of course it isn’t, so don’t do it. Don’t let you eyes travel over one frame…. heeeheeee


Jakabok Botch

Against Mr. Botch’s request, we’re running the video – a “trailer” for Clive Barker’s upcoming horror novel “Mister B. Gone.” Hitting shelves on October 30th via HarperCollins, “Gone” concerns the life and times of aforementioned demon spawn Botch.


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Source: Jackabok Botch