Coverage Wrap-Up: Resident Evil: Extinction


Sequel arrives in theaters this Friday!

Three years have past since audiences watched Alice (Milla Jovovich) walk nimbly from the Umbrella Corporation – Raccoon City a smoldering smear on the map thanks to a nuclear hit – adorned in only a towel and flaunting extrasensory powers only hinted at before the credits rolled in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This week, Alice’s baneful journey concludes in Screen Gem’s Resident Evil: Extinction. The third, and supposedly final, entry heralds a welcome face behind the camera – Russell Mulcahy, director of the dirty and stylish Razorback and the cult fave Highlander – and places a handful of new zombie ass-kickers in the thick of the action such as Ali Larter (“Heroes”) and Spencer Locke. Franchise mainstay Paul W.S. Anderson returns on scripting and producing duties.

Now that the film’s release is upon, we thought we’d sum up some of the Resident Evil: Extinction coverage you can find here at

Joshua Starnes’ thoroughly detailed set report can be found here and if it’s clips that you want, take a leap into our database listing for the film here where you can find trailers, TV spots and other snippets. Finally, sift through this page for updates, stills and audio interviews from the San Diego Comic-Con!

Shock will be heading to Vegas this Thursday for the big Resident Evil: Extinction premiere at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino, so keep it here for red carpet, screening and after-party lowdown!

Source: Ryan Rotten