Comic-Con ’07: Midnight Meat Train


Promo trailer description took an early peek at a promo for Lakeshore Films and Lionsgate’s upcoming Clive Barker adaptation Midnight Meat Train, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.

Layered with a Tangerine Dream-esque, pulsing score we’re first introduced to protagonist Leon Kauffman (Bradley Cooper), or rather, Kauffman and his ever-seeing still camera. A photographer, he wanders the streets of an unknown metropolis snapping away until he spies a subject that interests him – a brawny fella by the name of Mahogany. Through a brief montage we see him follow this dapper brute working at a meat packing plant and traveling through a subway system.

Then the trailer descends into a carnal blood orgy; a fever dream laden with images of Mahogany doing what he does best: butchering subway passengers utilizing a rather nasty-looking mallet and knife. Images fly by: An introduction to Leslie Bibb, Roger Bart (Hostel: Part II) and Brooke Shields’ characters; a hook piercing an Achilles tendon; Kauffman and Mahogany fighting viciously in a wet, crimson-covered subway car; Mahogany gazing through a subway car window wielding the aforementioned mallet; Kauffman trailing dangerously close to Mahogany down an escalator…

Kitamura visuals are strikingly cold, lending contrast and strength to the high gore quotient when the trailer’s pace ramps up. And, man, this trailer is bloody, sticky – an alluring R-rated fiesta. One victim appears to literally be swimming in the red stuff. The carnage, combined with the music, posits a heavy nostalgic ’80s-ish vibe similar to the nearly dialogue-free preview for William Friedkin’s Sorcerer. As with anything we’ve seen from the world of Barker, this promises a mix of primal terror and macabre beauty.

Source: Ryan Rotten