Haven’t We Heard This Before?


Saw franchise sees the future

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting and confirming David Hackl will put on his director’s cap for not one, but two, “Saw” sequels – parts V and VI.

That is, if Lionsgate looks at the upcoming returns for Saw IV and decides to continue the franchise’s bloodline.

Hackl has doubled as production designer and 2nd unit director at various points in the series’ history. But we’ve got a case of deja vu here at Shock. If you recall, between Saw III‘s wrap and part IV’s gestation phase, Darren Lynn Bousman said Hackl would helm the fourth chapter. Ultimately, Bousman stepped in. Will Hackl finally get his crack at manipulating Jigsaw’s sinister legacy?

Time will tell…

Source: Ryan Rotten, B-D