Horrorfest ’06 Reborn on Sci-Fi


After Dark finds a new partner

After Dark Films’ Horrorfest will be hitting genre fans from two fronts this fall. On one end you’ll have Horrorfest 2 opening nationwide November 9 – 12. And you’ll have to look no further than your boob tube this Halloween for ghosts of Horrorfest’s past as the Sci-Fi Channel airs all “8 Films to Die For” from 2006.

The network announced this weekend it is partnering with Lionsgate and After Dark Films to deliver a whole new level of exposure for the event. In addition to pimping the hell out of Horrorfest 2 this October, Sci-Fi will show Reincarnation, The Gravedancers, Penny Dreadful, Wicked Little Things, The Hamiltons, The Abandoned, Dark Ride and Unrest during their annual 13 Days of Halloween programming slate.

“Sci-Fi’s full range of exclusive genre fare includes everything from creative reimaginings of sci-fi classics and contemporary Earth-based tales of the paranormal, to action thrillers and surreal supernatural reality shows,” says Sci-Fi’s Senior Vice President of Programming and Original Movies Thomas P. Vitale via a press release. “Our acquisition of the Horrorfest – 8 Films to Die For theatricals further broadens our scope of exhilarating, high quality programming that resonates with thrill-seeking audiences.”

Source: Ryan Rotten