EXCL: Would Cuthbert Re-Enter Another House of Wax?


Captivity star muses on the potential

During an afternoon one-on-one interview with Captivity star Elisha Cuthbert, Shock couldn’t help but bring up the ripe sequel potential of Dark Castle’s horror remake House of Wax. Given its coda and the production company’s recently announced plans to explore the expansion of their library titles (example: the upcoming Return to House on Haunted Hill), would Cuthbert be game for more funhouse antics in another chapter of “Wax”?

“[‘Wax’] was the best experience shooting a movie, I would do another one just because of that,” she enthuses quite aware of the torture inflicted on her in the 2005 film that predated Hollywood’s recent fascination with Hostel-esque themes. “[Producer Joel] Silver knows how to put together a movie, I would go to war with him on any occasion. I had the best experience of my life making the film.”

She asserts, however, she has not heard of any plans for a sequel and is currently prepping for Tim Allen comedy, The Six Wives of Henry Le Fay, lensing this August.

Look for our full interview with Cuthbert soon!

Source: Ryan Rotten