What is J.J. Abram’s Cloverfield?


Secret project possible giant monster movie

Talk about late to the party. It was until this morning that I learned “Alias” creator and M:I3 director J.J. Abrams was attached to a hush-hush project called Cloverfield.

The title became parasitically attached to the director when word trickled down that he may not be directing Paramount’s “Star Trek” revamp film. Abrams is captaining that ship, as everyone knows, but inside man Moriarty at AICN says Abrams is also busy with this mysterious “Cloverfield.”

What is it then? AICN says it’s a giant monster film, less “Godzilla” and perhaps more The Host. The spin that makes this one different, however, is that it’s told through home videos, as if the audience was getting an eyewitness account of the creature’s destruction. Oh, and said beastie is being dubbed “The Parasite” at the Abrams camp. A trailer is supposedly in the works and on the way.

Well, damn, consider us interested! If the above is indeed true, I’ll be curious to see how it affects Universal’s remake of The Host.

Source: Ryan Rotten, AICN