Wes Craven vs. Pauly Shore


Krueger’s pop bares legal claws

Forget the core of this story, let’s look at the possibilities of a sitcom that could arise out of real life neighbors Wes Craven…and Pauly Shore. The fact that these two live within a few acres of each other is hilarious. Also, the fact that the Encino Man “thespian” lives above Craven (as the following implies) like some deity makes me weep a little inside.

Oh well.

As we swim in our creative juices (seriously, there’s a reality program in here somewhere), Craven is swimming out from under a landslide on his property caused by Shore. Yahoo! reports the Nightmare on Elm Street director is suing the comedian for “negligence and nuisance” when Shore added some accoutrements to his house such as a pool, spa and various other landscaping needs. Because of this, water has been trickling down from Shore’s home causing a – we’re pretty certain “less-than-Irwin Allen level” – landslide along the slope adjoining Craven’s property. Naturally, the director is seeking various reparations.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Yahoo! News