Rumor: 30 Days Sequel Talks


Are Dark Days ahead?

Are the suits at Sony so impressed with David Slade’s 30 Days of Night that they’re already clamoring for a sequel? Cinemablend’s anonymous scooper says ‘yes.’

Perhaps Raimi, post-“Spider-Man” trilogy, is going to make the most of the franchise he staked claim in many years back when he waged a bidding war for the Steve Niles-penned vampire property.

Shock has heard a recent test screening went over very well (“it’s so bloody,” our source tells us), so perhaps that gave the studio some confidence.

If a sequel is in heavy consideration, the question is: Will it stay faithful to the “30 Days of Night” timeline and pick up with the next series, “Dark Days”? That one relocates the vampire action from Alaska to Los Angeles.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Cinemablend