Bousman and Bell on Saw IV!


What will the MPAA say of the first 20 minutes?

Rumors are spreading online about the plot for Lionsgate’s anticipated Saw IV, but director Darren Lynn Bousman set the record straight when talking with on Tuesday night.

“Nobody knows what this is about,” Bousman said. “Every plot synopsis you’ve read online is false and untrue. The thing with Macfadyen looking for his daughter? Believe it if you want. But no one knows what this story is.”

When questioned whether this film will be more violent than the previous three, the helmer added, “I’m going to be very curious about what the MPAA says about the first 20 minutes of this film. There’s something there that is incredibly violent.”

Tobin Bell also talked to us about the return of Jigsaw. “You find out why I’m back in the very first scene. Why I’m back and why I’m around.” And why should audiences come back for another movie? Because of “a tremendous ending,” added Bell.

Stay tuned for lots more on the fourth installment, opening October 26, here at Shock.