Madman’s Tale Coming to the Screen


From the producer of Angel Heart

The works of author John Katzenbach have been adapted before beginning with the Kurt Russell-starring “The Mean Season” in 1985, then the Sean Connery-vehicle “Just Cause” and, most recently, “Hart’s War” with Bruce Willis.

Now, Katzenbach is embarking on his own big screen translation for the first time. He’ll be turning his The Madman’s Tale into a directing gig for Gregory Read (“Like Minds”). Published in 2004, the story concerns the hunt for a serial killer-rapist moving about an asylum of loonies. The catch is the narrative is told through the scribblings of the eponymous madman.

Veteran production Elliott Kastner (“Angel Heart”) picked up the rights to the novel and will shepherd the project under his Cinema Seven umbrella.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety