New Deal Resurrects Re-Animator?


“I think it’s closer than ever now.”

The next, and fourth, chapter in Herbert West’s madcap undead antics is closer than ever! Yeah, so what else is new? Disciples of the Church of West (played by Jeffrey Combs) have heard such declarations before and are patiently sitting tight, eager to see if House of Re-Animator – the latest, politically-charged installment in the “Re-Animator” series – will ever get off the ground. So will it? According to Brian Yuzna, it’s either going to be “House” or a film with a totally different narrative. And his recent Amazing! deal could bode well for the picture.

In an interview with Daniel Robert Epstein, Yuzna says he’s taking meetings (“I think it’s closer than ever now.”) with certain entities who might have the bread to put another “Re-Animator” on our table. The hitch right now being budget. Originally, when “House” was announced, the entire gang was coming back – the original’s director Stuart Gordon, writer Dennis Paoli, Bruce Abbott…and then actor William Macy as the POTU who enlists West’s help in the White House. Yuzna says to get everyone on board, it’s gonna cost him. And if the project collapses due to monetary reasons Yuzna will find a new “Re-Animator” story to tell.

As with all of Epstein’s interviews, there’s plenty of info to chew on, so click here for more!

Source: Ryan Rotten, UGO