Halloween “Covered” at Fango


Myers…in your face!

A bit of shameless self-promotion.

Before leaping to Shock, I had the good fortune of being assigned as the Halloween guy for Fangoria. A set visit was held and now the fruits of that experience are being published in next month’s issue of the horror mag which, today, revealed the cover! It hits stands on July 10th and is the first of two massive pieces on the film. The second, on director Rob Zombie, gives you a whallop to the brain in August.

Other bigs guns covered in this issue: I Know Who Killed Me, a preview piece on Resident Evil: Extinction and The Strangers.

That doesn’t mean there’ll be lack of “Halloween” coverage around these parts, oh no. Look for interviews and more as we near the film’s release on August 31st.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria