Side Sho Opens in Nashville


Trailer, stills and artwork online

Like any good carnival barker, director Michael D’Anna has taken us by the hand and directed our peepers to his website for Side Sho, a grassroots indie feature that’s about to make its premiere June 25th at the Belcourt Theater (2102 Belcourt Ave.) in Nashville, Tennessee.

For one vacationing family, an innocent pit stop at a Florida roadside attraction takes a turn for the worst when they fall victim to a clan of freaks. The daughters, more specifically, become the prime targets and are pegged as the future of this genetically malformed family’s bloodline. D’Anna directed his inbred opus in the verdant, wet environs of Georgia with Frankenfish cinematographer Lou Chanatry at the camera and actors John David Hart (Bell Witch), Toni Robider, J.R. Reynolds and Dana Poulson in front of it.

Click the link above for a slew of production stills and a trailer. D’Anna tells us he’s in negotiations with various entities to distribute Side Sho this fall.

Source: Ryan Rotten