More Details on That Lordi Film


Dark Floors = not for the kiddies

You may have missed it when we first launched Shock, but there was a little story we ran about a horror film that had gotten underway with the rock band Lordi serving as the killers.

Since then, more details have come to light, particularly the title of said venture: Dark Floors. Markus Selin is producing with Pete Riski directing. The latter is used to Lordi’s grand guignol-meets-KISS theatrics by now, he’s responsible for all of the band’s morbidly operatic music videos.

Lensing on a budget of just over $5 million, Selin tells Variety, “We were thinking about American and Japanese horror movies in general when we were writing the script and planning the style of the movie. It’s not aimed especially at teens; we will try to make it really scary and not aim it at the broader popcorn audience.” In spite of this, they’re still working at delivering two versions of the film – one to come in with a PG-13 rating, the other for the R rated crowd.

“Floors” makes its premiere on December 21st. Lordi is scheduled to appear at the Cannes Film Festival (would love to see that) this Saturday, can I get a “hallelujah?”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety