After, Shrooms Posters


Two very distinct “bad trips”

The IMPAwards, like some colorful dorm room, has added to more posters to their already impressive gallery.

The first is for After… which I caught last year at the AFI Film Fest. Part Session 9, part Jacob’s Ladder, David Cunningham’s pulsing (literally, the score is by The Crystal Method) trip into the world of “urban exploration” is a drab one. Nevertheless, here’s the story crunch: three thrill-seekers break into the tunnels beneath Russian to see what they can find. Danger, you presume? You got that right.

The second poster you see below is for Shrooms – key art the latest in a line of skull-inspired posters after Cabin Fever and The Descent. We first introduced you to this Irish horror flick here (see the trailer) and can assure you a review is on the way shortly (I just got my mitts on the film).

Source: Ryan Rotten, IMPAwards