Doors Open on 1408 Site


Not exactly the Comfort Inn

Click HERE to peruse Dimension Films’ official site for 1408. Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, the story concerns a writer (John Cusack) who’s out to dispel the grim stories surrounding the Dolphin Hotel’s infamous room 1408. Naturally, in his night’s stay there, the supernatural forces that have permanently checked into the room begin to present themselves. Samuel L. Jackson and Mary McCormack co-star.

The film was once considered a directing vehicle for Eli Roth, post-Cabin Fever, but Mikael HÃ¥fström came on board instead working from a script by Matt Greenberg (“Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child”), Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (the scribes behind Tim Burton’s Ed Wood).

Source: Ryan Rotten, 1408 Official Site