More Details on Vacation


Richard Stanley’s return to horror

If you’re one of the many fans who appreciate Richard Stanley’s dream-like and bloody efforts Dust Devil and Hardware, you’ll be pleased to know the writer/director is embarking on Vacation (see our previous news item here).

The facts are this: Bruce Campbell is attached to star and Stanley is directing from a script he co-wrote with girlfriend Maggie Moor. “Hopefully, it’ll be the one that breaks the logjam and get my career back on track—but if not, I’ll at least go down swinging my fists,” Stanley tells Fango scribe Nicanor Loreti. “The British Film Council claimed it was the single most offensive screenplay they had ever laid eyes on, and believe me, those guys read a lot! With Bruce in the frame, it’s now set to go before the cameras in October, and should be pretty much in the can by Halloween.”

Throughout the director’s colorful, metaphor-laden discussion about Vacation he details a plot that finds Campbell’s coke-head banker heading to the Middle East with his stripper girlfriend. Solar storms and a sundry of other apocalyptic occurrences threaten the human race, however, and this struggling couple strive to find a semblance of happiness. A “bloodsoaked farce” is what Stanley is calling it – a low-budget horror/sci-fi epic that is nearing the completion of its financing so no doubt we’ll be hearing more very soon.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria