Tilly, Breck Star in The Caretaker


A new urban legend comes to life

Filming has wrapped on The Caretaker, a new horror flick from Bryce Olsen that doesn’t shy away from its tongue-in-cheek nature. Producer Jackie Linder Olsen reveals the film has attracted a number of genre names including Jennifer Tilly (Seed of Chucky), Jonathan Breck (of the “Jeepers Creepers” films) and Judd Nelson (Cabin by the Lake). Jim Lang (John Carpenter’s Body Bags) is contributing a score.

Tilly’s turn, this time, finds her as a frisky teacher seeking to grab headlines by seducing one of her students, but the real meat of the film revolves around a group of teens who head out to an abandoned abode on Halloween night and are stalked by a walking urban legend who goes by the name “The Caretaker.” Jennifer Freeman (You Got Served), Diego Torres, Andrew St. John and James Immekus co-star as said wayward youth. No word yet on distribution yet, but we’ll drop you some updates as they come in.

Source: Ryan Rotten