Exclusive: Dick Maas on His Slasher Film Saint


Haddonfield. Crystal Lake. Springwood. Woodsboro. What do they all have in common? These quaint little havens were terrorized by a slasher instantly removing them from any tourist destination guide. And unfortunately, you might have to add Amsterdam to that list (sorry four-twenty, fiends) because St. Nicholas is coming to town in the Dutch horror film Saint and he’s ready to carve up the community with a lethal, golden staff and his army of decayed, armed assistants (Black Peters).

Saint is the latest horror picture from filmmaker Dick Maas, whose previous credits include The Lift (later remade as The Shaft starring Naomi Watts and directed by Maas), Amsterdamned, Killer Babes and a “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” episode set in Transylvania. Released last year overseas, the slasher flick – which finds a scarred, enraged St. Nicholas terrorizing Amsterdam on Sinterklaas-avond (December 5) – is playing to Tribeca Film Festival audiences this week and Shock was offered the opportunity to talk to Maas.

You can read the interview here!