Best Bars to Visit While at Comic-Con


So you’re visiting Comic-Con, but don’t have any idea of where to go for some after-Con fun? Well, let us fill you in on all of the San Diego hot spots that are touted by locals, tourists and Trekkies alike.

1. Bubs San Diego: This San Diego staple is adjacent to one of the city’s coolest attractions, Petco Park. This awesome local bar has an in-house basketball court as well as a few shuffleboard tables. What’s better after a hard day of touring a convention than downing a few drinks with Padres fans? Discussing the finer points of who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman (Batman, duh).

2. Dick’s Last Resort: Housed in the heart of the Gaslamp quarter of San Diego, this bar revels in the sarcasm of its servers. Want a drink? Not without a side of burn, and they’re relentless. Don’t forget to try the bar games with a few locals. And best of all? You’ll get to speak your mind. Whether it’s raving about how terrible the last “X-Men” movie was or praying that J.J. Abrams has the directing chops to pull off a halfway decent “Star Wars” movie, everyone’s opinions are welcome.

3. The Field Irish Pub: Who doesn’t love an Irish Pub? This one is about as authentic as they come. The pub was literally shipped piece-by-piece from the motherland and is located in the heart of the Gaslamp quarter. The Field is a nice change of pace from the other bars on this list as it’s a bit more laid back. They have traditional Irish music and San Diego’s largest selection of single malt and blended whiskey. You know what that means? You’ll still have ample opportunity to get trashed if you feel the need!

4. Altitude Sky Lounge: This multi-award winning bar is perched above the city’s skyline. It’s got a stunning view and is an incredibly trendy nightspot. It’s a pretty classy joint, so it might be better to attend if you’re dressed like Bruce Wayne attire (as opposed to Batman). It’s located at the San Diego Marriot (where you might already be staying because of its proximity to Comic-Con). So if you’re looking for a classy-cool time, there’s no better place.

5. The Tipsy Crow: It’s time to get old-timey up in San Diego. The Tipsy Crow occupies one of downtown’s most historic buildings. It’s a three-story pile of awesome with classic pub games, entertainment, dancing and, if none of that is your bag, they also have a few little hideaways stashed for all of your D&D needs. It’s one of San Diego’s oldest bars and if you don’t come for the history, you should definitely come to check out their beer selection.

6. Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub: If you haven’t heard of Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub, you’re missing something special. It’s over 75 years old and features tons of live music. It’s about as “neighborhood bar-y” as it gets while still maintaining a cool, music-loving crowd. They feature bands playing every night of the year, so if you’re in the mood to kick it to some smooth tunes (and who’s not?), then Patrick’s is your place.

7. WaveHouse: They’re right on the Mission Beach boardwalk and they have a Tiki bar, fire pits, cabanas and tropical palmsÂ… Need we say more? Well, we will. After a day of walking around the Con, come to this outdoor bar to enjoy the beach and try out your luck riding the curl on their wave machine. That’s right, we said that they have a freaking wave machine.

8. La Puerta: Looking for a more Mexican-themed hangout for your after party? All of the drinks at La Puerta are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients and their tacos will make you feel like you’re in Mexico. They have over 100 tequilas in their collection, ranging from incredibly well known spirits to bootleg swill. Trust us, you might go blind, but if you’re looking for a place to party, this is it.

9. Tivoli Bar: Tivoli Bar is 128 years old. Is that even possible? Well, according to them it is. They pride themselves on having the best “divey” bar in town. And if you’re into cash registers, you’re in luck! Because these folks have the original cash register from the turn of the century (that’s 20th, not 21st). Wyatt Earp and his wife even visited this place back in the day! So why not grab your copy of Tombstone and head over? Maybe you can get his ghost to sign it for you!