10 Horror Movies Featuring the Cast of X-Men: Apocalypse


10 Horror Movies Featuring the Cast of X-Men: Apocalypse

10 horror movies featuring the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse

It’s hard not to love superhero movies. One regular, everyday human being is suddenly plucked from the millions of other ordinary citizens in the universe to rise above, and answer a call greater than themselves – to save the world. A diamond in the rough struggles to overcome inexperience, physical inferiority, and self-doubt, in order to evolve into the person he or is she is meant to be: a hero.

Seeing them on the big screen, it’s difficult not to relate to their journey. In truth, the trials and tribulations that these masked icons face and inevitably conquer are no more than a metaphor for the daily struggles of our lives, and our fight to exist in a better world. Although the battles we endure in our own personal existence don’t always go the way we’d hoped, it’s nice to have a fantasy film to put on every now and then, and live vicariously through its victories.

Likewise, the same type of catharsis can be found in watching horror movies. After all, the go-to formula for a slasher flick is to put a final girl through test after test until she is reborn from a naïve young girl, into a vicious warrior woman capable of taking down her predator. In truth, horror movie characters are always tormented and challenged, because the whole point of a thriller is to witness people confronting their demons and ascending their arc. From that perspective, it’s easy to see why so many actors who appear in the X-Men universe have also, at some point, played a role in a scary movie.

Check out the full list below, and see which horror movies have featured the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse, which is set to hit theaters on May 27, 2016.